Play & Stay

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 I have been a dog rescuer for many years so I am a very experienced dog person! 

I am licensed with State of GA - Dept of Agriculture, insured through State Farm and on-site 24x7. Security cameras installed.
I am the only one who cares for the babies so no employees you have never met! 

We have 4x4 and 4x6 kennels with Kuranda beds that the dogs love. The area is climate controlled. 
Dogs can play with others if owner wants (based on my discretion/matching) or not. 

Dogs go outside to play on and off all day long.  They come in to rest or anytime they want to. Basically I follow what the dog wants!  They are not left outside alone.  I am there to supervise. 

They go out again  late at night to potty and romp.  We have dusk to dawn lighting around the area. 

$30/night per dog over 15lbs - $25/night up to 15lbs*
     *10% discount for more than 1 dog (1st dog is normal price, 2nd and more are 10% off)
     * Please see Policies page for 24 hour duration of stay info
Meds administered free
Please bring pre-measured meals in baggies - NO BIG BAGS OF FOOD OR CONTAINERS 

Drop-off/Pick-up hours:
  • Mon - Sat:  11am-12pm & 5pm-6pm ONLY 
  • Sunday: 4-6pm ONLY
THESE HOURS ARE STRICTLY ENFORCED.  We have an electronic gate which is locked the rest of the day.

Your dog must be spayed/neutered (over 7months old), up to date on vaccines (Distemper/Parvo, Rabies and Kennel cough), negative fecal and on flea/tick prevention. 

You or your vet can EMAIL medical records to TenderHeartPlayandStay@gmail.com or FAX 678-673-6100

NEW CLIENT REGISTRATION:   https://doggiedashboard.com/users/31xeezuymg1a1y41/new_client Must be completed for all new clients